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Get a completely free non-binding setup of efficient Google Ads campaigns.
We leave nothing on autopilot and offer a free trial period on management by experts.

    No prepayment

    Free and non-binding setup of Google Ads without any prepayment.

    Free trial period

    Start confidently with a free non-binding trial on campaign management.

    No Cure - No Pay

    Get a satisfaction guarantee by having no payments if expectations are not met.

    Scale without being tied

    Increase conversion rates and reduce costs for continuous growth whilst staying free of lengthy contracts.

    Campaigns that convert

    Free non-binding setup

    Get a free trial on our management of Google Ads campaigns completely free of charge for 14 days. No strings attached. If there is no desire to continue beyond the trail period, we will not invoice the customer for our services regardless of whether we deliver campaigns with satisfactory results or not.

    Our services are flexible and risk free as all services are non-binding and comes with a trial period. We constantly aim to prove our business value and if the customer assess that our services do not live up to the agreement, the customer is always free to part ways without any hassle.

    Whether your target is to improve the performance of your current Google Ads account, expand it, or start from scratch, we have the skills and experience to plan and execute the right campaign setup that fits your individual goals. Stay free of our invoices in case we do not deliver sufficient results.

    Why choose us
    Beneficial conditions

    Businesses who are looking to take Google Ads for a test drive can especially benefit from our services as we provide a proven approach to Google Ads management with a trial period at no cost. Our customers stand risk-free with non-binding contracts and no prepayment. Should our campaigns not deliver satisfactory results, then the customer is free to walk away without any payments.

    Always 100% transparent

    We provide fixed reporting covering performances, we have nothing in small writing and we never sweep anything under the rug when something is inadequate.

    Specialists in Google Ads

    Google Ads is the main advertising platform we focus on and our core competencies and well-tested approach have proven to deliver effective campaigns constantly. AjourAds should most certainly not slip under your radar if you are looking to boost your Google Ads campaigns.

    We do not criticize, we analyze

    We always rely on data when analyzing and evaluating campaigns for opportunities. If you have an already optimized account, we praise the work and say with all honestly that we have nothing additional to offer.

    Google Ads service

    An insight into our services

    Keyword Analysis

    We ensure campaigns with high-converting keywords while continuously adding and testing new keywords.


    Stand out from the competition with unique ad copies made through valid A/B tests resulting in improved click- and conversion rates.

    Shopping & Feeds

    Our in-depth knowledge of datafeed optimization and structuring of Google Shopping ensures high relevance between search queries and products.


    A conversion may take several clicks. With retargeting, we customize ads targeted to non-converted website visitors.

    Budget Management

    Our scripts and rules optimize bids on keywords, devices, demographics, product groups and more without exceeding the agreed budgets.


    All customers are kept up to date with regular performance reports, which also include suggestions for improvements.

    Scale Gogle Ads

    Our optimization recipe

    As experienced Google Ads experts, we strive to give you the full value of your budget ensuring
    that your ad spend does not go to waste on irrelevant traffic. A dollar saved is two dollars earned.

    Our approach to campaign growth

    We gain a higher ROAS by generating more relevant website traffic at a lower cost while optimizing for a higher conversion rate.

    Focus on the customer's bottom line

    You can provide the answers that your potential customers are trying to find, so you can become the industry.

    Free analysis - We do not criticize, we analyze!

    Get your free and non-binding Google Ads analysis here.
    We provide a thorough, analytical review as well as evaluate possibilities.