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We are experts in driving targeted traffic with a high conversion rate at low costs through Google Ads campaigns.
Our customers are always in focus and involved throughout any collaboration.

AjourAds team up with businesses that wish to increase their online presence through profitable Google Ads campaigns (formerly known as Google AdWords). Our experience and in-depth knowledge in paid advertising on search engines help to achieve efficient results by identifying new opportunities that we execute on through best practices that we have acquired over the years.

In our world, data and actual numbers overweigh emotions. Therefore, our approach to structuring and managing campaigns will always be based on data-driven decisions. Moreover, our regular reporting of performances covers both periods of progress as well as lackluster periods. In case we do not deliver favorable results, then we will discuss the possible reasons thereof with the customer in order to find a solution instead of tucking it away. We always put the customer first as we value healthy, trustworthy and long-term relations above all else and take pride in our honesty and open way of communication.

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Google Ads

We turn Google Ads into a highly profitable and conversion generating machine.

Open consultation

We meet all customers at eye level and are always willing to go the extra mile for our customers.

Honest approach

We value integrity and are always transparent, including periods with lackluster results.

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Google Ads is a highly efficient advertising platform that many companies consider their most essential and profitable marketing channel. At the same time, it can also be extremely competitive and time consuming to deal with. AjourAds strive to set up and manage campaigns that drive more relevant traffic at a reduced cost with an increased conversion rate, which result in campaigns generating a high return on advertising spend. We accomplish this by ensuring that any advertising budget is allocated according to traffic that generate sales/leads. Moreover, we ensure there is a close correlation between keyword and ad copy as well as implementing our own versatile bidding strategy. Retargeting, attention-grabbing ad copies and data feed optimization are all a part of our routine as well.

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AjourAds specialize in paid advertising on search engines, specifically Google Ads. We usually respond to all questions and queries within 24 hours. Please feel free to get in touch with us right away, by either phone or email.
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