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We set up and optimize Google Ads campaigns to drive as much relevant traffic as possible at low costs with a high conversion rate. By among other things, we achieve this by:
  • Increase ROAS: Avoid excessive click prices and take control of the budget. We set up campaigns and review keywords, search terms, targeting, devices, demographics, and more on a regular basis. Moreover, we ensure that the budget is allocated efficiently in relation to ROAS or CPA.
  • Increase clickrate: An increased clickthrough rate (CTR) often results in more valuable traffic and increased relevance. We optimize ads in relation to the ad group's keywords, search terms, campaign structure and settings, bidding, etc.

We have nothing in small writing as we please our customers with plenty of beneficial conditions and no strings attached. Both our setup of Google Ads campaigns as well as trial period of campaign management are 100% free and non-binding. Any cooperation beyond this will also be non-binding, as we do not hold anyone to a lengthy contract.

  • No binding agreements and both our free setup and trial period on campaign management are free of charge.
  • Consider us guests on the Google Ads account, as we do not own take ownership of the account nor its content. We do not remove campaigns after a trial period and the customer will remain the owner of the account.
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