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Are contracts binding?

No, all contracts are non-binding. Our contracts are monthly and customers are only invoiced for the present month. Upon termination, the customer will only be invoiced for the current month after which the cooperation ends. We want to continously prove our worth and if we do not create growth or satisfactory results for the customer, we will make the customer aware of this ourselves in order to find a solution.

Do you charge additional fees for creating new ad groups, campaigns or finding new keywords?

No, we aim to expand your Google Ads account regularly and this is included in the agreed price. We will not charge additional fees no matter how much content we add or changes we make to the account.

Will I have access to the Google Ads account if you are managing it?

You will always have access to the account. It is your account and we are guests. You have the power to deny us access to the account, not the other way around. However, we do ask the customer not to make any changes to the campaigns or account without contacting us in advance if we are managing the account.

Do I keep the Google Ads account with campaigns if we part ways?

Yes, the customer owns the Google Ads account we work on. Consider us invited guests who can be kicked out at any time. We do not delete the campaigns and at the end of a collaboration, it is up to the customer to decide whether the campaigns shall be paused or left active.

Can I pay based on performance?

A performance-based agreement can be arranged if it is preferred. Such agreement can for example be based on the customer's revenue generated from the Google Ads campaigns. The details and structure will be agreed upon with the customer according to their needs and goals. Since we have a monthly billing cycle with a non-binding contract, we do consider our services equivalent to a performance-based agreement as it is. The customer is free to part ways at any time without hassle, which makes monthly agreements greatly benefit the customer more so than AjourAds.

Can I track my ad spend? Will I be invoiced for ad costs and your management separately?

All accounts that we work on are accounts that the customer owns and has full access to at all times. In addition, the customer is billed directly from Google for the advertising costs (ad clicks), which means that we cannot hide or add fees as we do not pay the bill from Google on behalf of the customer. We send our invoice for managing campaigns separately and the customer can easily find all payments and track every dollar.

What are your prices for setting up and managing Google Ads?

Our prices are agreed upon individually with each customer. We tailor our prices the customer's overall return of investment in mind, their advertising budget and size of campaigns. Everyone from smaller start-ups to larger companies get reasonable prices according to their needs and goals.

We value and prioritize creating an environment in which our customers feel safe and well taken care of. Therefore, we do not require any prepayment nor binding contracts, which provide our customers with a satisfaction guarantee. Our prices are competitive and customers will not receive any invoice from us if they are not satisfied with our Google Ads campaigns or results from our trial period.

What types of campaigns can you set up and optimize?

We have great experience in the following campaign types: search ads, Google Shopping, Display, Remarketing and YouTube. Feel free to contact us for a discussion about your options as well as a advertising strategy tailored according to your business goals.

What do your reports contain, how often do you make them and will I be charged for your reporting?

Our reporting is usually on a monthly basis. A different timeframe can be agreed upon if preferred. Our reports are easy to understand, as they are not too technical. The amount of data available in Google Analytics and Google Ads can be difficult to navigate through and our reports help cut through it by summarizing the key figures telling how the campaigns are performing. We highlight areas with room for improvements and give recommendations for new initiatives. All reporting is included in our pricing as we consider reporting an effective way to follow-up on progress.

Can you guarantee results?

We cannot guarantee any kind of results and one should be extra cautious if an agency guarantees results beforehand. We can guarantee that we set up campaigns based on best practices that have proven to be highly efficient and that we put in an extraordinary effort to achieve satisfactory results through continuous and comprehensive optimization.

How big of a budget does Google Ads require?

In principle, Google does not have any budget requirements. Someone with a monthly budget of 200 USD for ad spend, will usually not hire an agency for managing the campaigns as it will not be worthwhile, since the agency also takes a price for setup and handling. Setting a budget depends on the customer’s return on investment after costs for both Google and the agency are covered. We recommend contacting us for a tailored campaign strategy based on needs and business goals for an actual and detailed answer. It is completely free.

How often do you work on the account to optimize the campaigns?

We often see agencies set up Google Ads campaigns where they leave them on autopilot without making any changes to them resulting in poor performances. Our team consists of only dedicated Google Ads experts who strive to deliver extraordinary campaigns that bring exceptional results. Depending on the volume of traffic and campaign strategy, we perform daily, weekly and monthly tasks on every account. Our changes can both be optimization or expansion of existing campaigns or the creation of new ones. We never leave an account on autopilot.

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